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Let's get started by asking a few questions:

  • Are you ready to graduate?

  • Have you completed all of your academic requirements in your major?

  • Have you checked in with your advisor?

  • Did you apply timely and successfully to graduate in Spring 2014 through my.fiu.edu?

If "yes" was your answer to all of these questions, we invite you and your family to participate in the upcoming commencement ceremonies at the conclusion of this semester. Congratulations!

Make sure you pay close attention to our announcements to your FIU e-mail and this website to make this the best experience of your academic career. Here are four steps to start your journey towards FIU's commencement celebrations:

1) CONFIRM your attendance at commencement online to reserve your pass and electronic guest tickets. More information

     is posted here.

2) PICK UP your commencement pass during our Commencement Fairs.


3) PRINT your electronic guest tickets. Commencement tickets for your family and friends are e-tickets that need to be

     printed online from my.fiu.edu.

4) PREPARE for commencement day. We encourage you and your guests to view general information and

     event day information to prepare successfully for commencement.

And then enjoy your big day! You deserve it.